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Simply Country is now delivering with the “Simply Express” car! This could be anything from dog or cat food to horse or chicken feed, and everything in between! We deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for orders between $30 and $200 with NO delivery charge! That’s right, FREE delivery with your purchase of feed. Purchase online, call, or come in to set up your delivery today! Hay restrictions may apply!

Delivery Guide 2017



  • 1-20 Bales of hay-$39.00
  • 21-40 Bales of hay-$49.00
  • 41-70 Bales of hay-$69.00


  • $10 fee for each pallet, 20 bags per pallet, any brand min. $39.00 Fee
  • Other Pallet Products
  • 2 Pallets-$49.00
  • Over 2-4 Pallets-$69.00

Wood Products

  • Atlas Logs- $50.00 one to two ton
  • Homefire Logs- $50.00 one to two ton
  • Bearbricks- $50.00 one to two ton
  • Golden Fire Pellets- $39.00 per ton
  • All products add $10.00 per additional ton

Local Area

Marysville Rd at gas station
Washington Turn off
Bear River Bridge 49 or 174
Middle Fork Yuba
$120/hour beyond these points
$120/mile off pavement for straw deliveries