Curt has been the owner of Simply Country for the past 30 years, since the time he purchased the business from his father, Lloyd.

Nic is third generation Simply Country, and has been working for the family business for the past 15 years.  Nic enjoys spending time with his family and raising rare poultry breeds.

Chuck has been working for the Chittock Family at Simply Country for over 30 years! He enjoys hunting, fishing, diving, and bladesmithing.

Laura just completed her accounting degree with sierra college in 2020. Laura has two dogs a German Shepherd mix named Bird and an OES puppy named tucker. She enjoys spending time with her husband and animals.

Emma enjoys fishing, quality family time, and spending time with her chickens and cats. 

Julia a former firefighter, loves spending time with here dog laia

Lou is Simply Country Rabbit and Guinea pig specialist. In her spare time Lou is either spending time with her family and pets or she is at expos showing her guinea pigs.

Cassidy loves spending time with her family, Cooking and Camping.