16% Layer Pak BLEND- With Oyster Shell & Cracked Corn Our most popular poultry feed, now in a “Short-Cut Pellet” 16% Protein 3.0% Fat 5.5% Fiber Corn and Soybean meal based to maximize feed palatability and efficiency Balanced amino acid levels to promote optimum performance, including Lysine No inferior proteins such as safflower or sunflower meal ZinPro’s Availa® Zn Zinc Amino Acid Complex:  We use only the highest quality minerals from ZinPro® to promote optimum skin and egg health. Contains natural Oyster Shell, a great calcium source, and gravel for the gizzard, to help with digestion Contains Extracts of Marigold flowers, a natural anti-oxidant and source of rich yellow skin and yolk color for the meat bird and layer Diatomaceous Earth Diamond V® XPC yeast Q:  What is a “short-cut pellet”? A:  A “short-cut pellet” is slightly larger in diameter than a mini-pellet (5/32″ vs 1/8″), but is cut shorter than the mini-pellet to maintain the small particle size. The short-cut pellet is more economical, and therefore saves you money at the feed store!  Ask you dealer for it today!