Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank is manufactured in a specific gravity of 1.5 or 1.9. Specific Gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water. For example, a 1.5 specific gravity means you can transport or store a compatible liquid that weighs 1.5 times the weight of water. The Poly-Mart 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank is generally used for a number of industrial applications including bulk water transport, industrial chemical transport, chemical storage & non potable water transport. Our Horizontal Leg Tanks come standard in a translucent white color for ease in level viewing but are available in all of our standard colors. Our Horizontal Legs Tanks come standard with vented slosh proof lid but can also be order with a non-vented lid. Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank can be assembled with a 16″ Standard Tank Lid, a 12″ Standard Tank Lid or a 7″ Screw Cap Lid. All Lids can be vented or non-vented. Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tanks have molded-in gallon markers and one outlet bulkhead fitting & one outlet plug.

49″L” x 40″W x 42”H
73 lbs. (1.5 SG) OR 84 lbs. (1.9 SG)
16” Lid w/ Air Vent or 7″ Screw Cap Lid Available upon request
(1) 2” Bottom Bulkhead
(1) 2” Bottom Bulkhead Plug
(4) 7″ x 7″ Bottom Flats for adding fittings