CAR82x16-TA Car Trailer

//CAR82x16-TA Car Trailer

CAR82x16-TA Car Trailer

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As low as $143 per month with $0 down!

7 X 16 Tandem Axle CAR Hauler


  • Torsion Sure Lube Axle – Best suspension on the market – 5 year warranty from manufacturer
  • TIG Welded Frame Is Better Than MIG Welding – Less heat and cleaner welds – easy maintenance & prevents rust
  • Stainless Steel Hardware – Used wherever possible! Primo uses the most stainless steel fasteners of any aluminum utility trailer on the market.
  • Radial 15″ Tires – Radials are proven to last longer and provide for a safer ride.
  • Aluminum Mag Wheels – Aluminum mags will not rust & look awesome!
  • All Recessed L.E.D Lights – Last longer & will not break as easy as standard lights especially when they are protected inside the frame.
  • Tubular A-Frame Tongue – Tongue is much stronger and allows wiring to be inside enclosed tube frame
  • Ramps that turn into stone guards – Not only a place for you to store your ramps but protect what your hauling.
  • Aluminum Extruded Decking Standard – Lighter and lasts virtually forever. Won’t rot like wood will. Plus just looks a lot better.
  • PRIMO designed for the consumer – if you bend or dent a fender, side kit or ramp you can easily replace with simple tools (don’t need to bring to welder).
  • 6 5000 lbs. in floor D-rings – Strong enough to hold a car and strategically placed for


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