Esteem® Complete Senior Pellet (Previously “12% Pelleted Mane Senior”) is a pelleted senior horse feed fortified with key vitamins and nutrients.  Formulated as a complete feed to adapt to your feeding program. – with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Pelleted to minimize separation and increase intake 12% Protein 3% Fat 21% Fiber Includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin for improved joint health 4-Plex® EQ Chelated Minerals: Beet Pulp Fiber– a quality, consistent energy source without the negative effects of simple sugars (grains) Rice Bran-contains protein, fiber, fat and omega fatty acids, along with B vitamins and vitamin E Selenium yeast for a stronger immune system, reproductive health and improved nerve, muscle and joint health Biotin for improved hoof condition Includes Yucca extract to reduce the smell of ammonia Certified Weed Free May be fed with or without hay  See how the Esteem® Complete Pellet stacks up against the competition!  Click HERE for the comparison!   0778-50NET WT. 50 LBS (22.68 kg)         Manufactured by Bar ALE, Inc.