Description KONG Stuff’n Real Peanut Butter for dogs. For years, millions of KONG toy users have preferred peanut butter as their filling of choice. KONG is now pleased to offer KONG Real Peanut Butter. This preservative free, human-grade peanut butter is packaged in a no mess, easy-squeeze tube with long nozzle. It’s now easier than ever to fill your KONG toy with real peanut butter! KONG Real Peanut Butter is also perfect as a training treat straight from the nozzle – a little dollop is all you need. No refrigeration required. Your dog will love you for it. Directions:Knead tube to mix peanut butter. Unscrew cap. Snip off tip of nozzle. Insert nozzle into large hole of KONG toy and squeeze a small ring of KONG Stuff’n Peanut Butter around Inside wall. Also works great as a training treat straight from the nozzle – a small drop is all you need.