Land O’Lakes® Ultra Fresh Lamb Milk Replacer Ultra Fresh® Optimum lamb milk replacer is a new, improved formula of Ultra Fresh® lamb milk replacer from Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products – specifically designed to optimize nutrition for your lambs and energize your bottom line potential. An enhanced fatty acid profile – provides lambs a unique fatty acid formula that makes Ultra Fresh® Optimum lamb milk replacer more similar to ewe’s milk. A balance of 25% protein and 30% fat – mimicking the balance of actual ewe’s milk and optimizing the nutritional value the lamb receives for efficient growth. Digestarom® – a mix of essential oils, herbs, spices, extracts and natural flavors designed to positively support gut health, feed-to-gain ratio and, thus, overall health and growth, based on research trials of other ruminant animals. Beta Glucan – formulated with this complex carbohydrate to promote gut Available in an 8 and 25 pound bag.