Mini Pig Active Adult Mazuri® Mini Pig Active Adult is a moderate-energy, high-fiber diet for exotic miniature pigs, such as the Vietnamese potbellied pig, and is formulated to help support moderate growth rate while helping to satisfy hunger.  This ration can be used as a maintenance diet for active, adult animals.  It can be fed in combination with Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth diet 5Z90 to support nutrient needs of gestating or lactating females. Moderate-energy, high-fiber ratio – For controlled growth and consumption rates. Complete nutrition – Supplemental vitamins and minerals not required. Amino acid balanced – Provides the amino acids needed in active stage. Pellet form – Easy to feed; minimizes dust and waste. Zinc methionine and natural vitamin E – Provides for optimal skin condition. No meat products. Urine acidifier and Yucca extract added – Aimed to decrease urinary calculi and ammonia in urine. Added flaxseed – To support skin and immune system health. Available in a 25 pound bag.