Organic 17% Hi-Energy Layer feed is made from all natural, Certified Organic ingredients. Certified Organic 17% Protein 2.5% Fat 6.0% Fiber Corn and Soybean meal based to maximize feed palatability and efficiency Balanced amino acid levels to promote optimum performance, including Lysine No inferior proteins such as safflower or sunflower meal Contains natural Oyster Shell, a great calcium source, and gravel for the gizzard, to help with digestion Organic Oregano Diatomaceous Earth Diamond V® XPC Green – organic yeast product optimizes feed efficiency and overall health (NEW!) Organic ORO GLO® – an organically grown marigold product for rich egg yolk color and skin pigmentation, as well as natural antioxidant properties      NET WT. 40 LBS (18.14 kg)         Manufactured by Bar ALE, Inc. Available as Crumble (0954-40) and Pellet (0955-40)