Purina® Premium Deer Block Convenient way to attract and feed deer year-round. It has carrying handles for easy transport and contain our Water Shield® technology that helps repel moisture and reduces block waste normally associated with wet conditions. Purina® Premium Deer Block contains the new Purina® Power Nugget™ supplement to help support the natural forage of various species. Purina® Premium Deer Block is a highly-palatable, easy-to-use 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining deer. New and improved Premium Deer Block provides more balanced nutrition for deer than whole grains. Easy to use – Simple to set up in the area you want to attract and feed deer; no feeder required; convenient carrying handle provides for easy transport Highly palatable – Helps ensure strong consumption and keeps deer coming back Long lasting New Power Nugget™ Supplement – Helps support deer’s nutritional requirement Optimized formulation – Helps provide more nutrition than whole grains and maintains vigor during periods of poor or sparse natural forage