The Poly-Mart RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is a high quality Rain Barrel combining great functionality with a beautiful design. The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is a designer Rain Barrel that was originally sand casted from a real oak barrel, so the wood grain detail on this barrel makes it one of a kind! The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is rotationally molded and manufactured to last! The closed top one-piece construction requires minimal set up and is easy to transport! The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel features a Dual Inlet Screen for keeping out debris and has Dual-Access Ports so you can draw the collected rainwater from 2 different places on the rain barrel. The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel also comes included with a Brass Hose Bib and a Plug. The RainSaver also has a well designed overflow and is easily link-able for future expansion of your Rainwater Collection System! All included parts ship on the inside of the barrel. Always use Teflon Tape when installing your Hose Bib and Plug to prevent leaks.

Durable Rotationally Molded Rain Barrel (Most Rain Barrels are Blow Molded)
One Mesh Screen w/ a Durable Metal Screen on Top for Dual Screen Protection
Recessed Overflow Channel in top of Barrel
UV Inhibitors built into the resin for protection against color fading & breakdown
Male Threaded 1/2″ Brass Spigot
1/2″ Outlet Plug
Dual Outlet Access Points
Best Overflow System on a Rain Barrel of it’s class
1.25″ Overflow System including 6ft. Overflow Hose and Overflow Elbow