Is your horse turning up his nose at the trough? Is he drinking at least eight gallons of water per day? If not, your horse may be dehydrated—which can result in serious problems like ulcers, colic, blockages, weight loss and overall under-performance possibly requiring intravenous solution to re-hydrate.

Your horse’s health is important, and hydration is key—but horses need a trigger to drink!They’re fussy when it comes to being introduced to strange water, which creates particular challenges on the road.

At Redmond Equine, we get it. That’s why we created Rein Water™. It’s an all-natural powder additive that includes a blend of essential trace minerals, clay and electrolytes your horse needs to stay hydrated and healthy. Rein Water masks the alkaline taste of treated water, and horses love the flavor—which encourages them to drink more.

Simply stir one packet of Rein Water into a four-gallon bucket of water, while also making fresh water available for your horse to drink. Then let him choose.

Rein Water is 100% natural and comes direct from our mine in Redmond, Utah.