? WellSolve L/S® Horse Feed A low-starch and low-sugar diet for horses with special needs. Formulated for horses that need a low-starch, low-sugar diet. Added Antioxidants – Help address the negative effects of free radicals and support a strong immune system Backed by Six Years of Research involving 8,768 individual tests and 7,576 feeding trials Blend of Vegetable Oils provide essential fatty acids for shine & bloom Concentrate Feed – Designed to be fed with hay or pasture Highly Digestible Fibers – Provide fermentable fiber to the hindgut as a slow-release energy source with very little to no insulin response Low Starch & Sugar with no molasses or grain – guaranteed maximum of 11% Proprietary Blend of Amino Acids help maintain muscle tone Veterinarian Researched with data published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science Vitamin & Mineral Fortification – Provides 100% of the required vitamins and minerals when fed as directed Available in a fifty-pound bag.